Make the future less 'cloudy'

Use our easy-to-use future scenario building tool that allows you to look forward and assess your strategy, ideas, opportunities and risks in a new way

Scenario forecasting powered by AI

Scenario forecasting has been a proven strategy tool since the 80’s and many top-tier consultancies or specialized boutique consultancies offer you services building and using these scenario’s for either tens of thousands of dollars towards a couple of hundred thousands of dollars. 

With recent (AI) technologies we believed this process could be digitized and offered at a much lower price to enable much more companies, organizations and individuals to leverage the power of scenario’s

Our Services

An overview of the services we offer through our ScenarioScout Tool

Step by step information gathering

Define the focus, select existing trends or add your own trends and find main area's of uncertainty

Automated Scenario's generation

Our algorithms will start working on your inputs and our data and will create four potential scenario's for the future within your focus

testing your strategy in the scenario's

We will guide you to test your strategy or questions versus the created future scenario's

Setting up 'alerts' to help you monitor the scenario's

Set up a monitor and get updates on which scenario is more likely to happen over time while time progresses

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